domingo, octubre 24, 2004

GTK# Tutorial and OpenGL ES Contest

These days I am translating and adapting the PyGTK tutorial to GTK#. This job is a little bit complicated due to the DocBook XML sources. The good part of this is that let me learn a lot of things about GTK#, it is a good self-learning exercise, and, of course, it is a little contribution to the Free and Open Source Software Community. I am thinking in participate in a OpenGL ES contest organized by The Kronos Group. Maybe it is a good opportunity for get back to the road of Game Development and Computer Graphics, one of my passions with the Free Software.

jueves, octubre 21, 2004

Get disciplined with the web log

Has been almost 20 days since my last post. I have been very undisciplined with my web log. Today I have reflected and I will get back to the discipline. Here is the summary of what happen in these undocumented days: These days the students of the University of Cauca have declared permanent assembly. We are protesting because the 2566 decree, which has a terrible issues for the public education here in Colombia. We start an indefinite clase cease. On the Mono side, I will start to translate a PyGTK tutorial to GTK#. I will do this with Camilo Uribe, a member of the Linux Users Group of the Distrital University - GLUD. I hope we can early finish the work and put our sand granite to the Mono project and Mono Hispano community. I will also start to learn more about XML Schema and the GnomeCanvas Library. That is because I am thinking in contribute to the MonoUML project making a system for having visualizations independent uml widget clases. All this is too hard, but I really want to contribute this project. Weeks ago, we started a Mono Study Group in the GLUC. We are starting with a C# little course taught by Oscar Andrés López, a member of our group. I hope that, in a time, this will make a great Mono development community inside our LUG.

sábado, octubre 02, 2004

I'm Back!

Wow, it was a long time since my last post. But now i'm back. These days i was very busy. I will try to get more discipline about this web log.