lunes, agosto 30, 2004

My kite was a disaster and begin of mid-term exams

Today was the Free Software Kite Contest of which I spoke yesterday. My Python Kite was a disaster, did not fly!. The winner of the higher kite was one with a cool Mozilla Logo painted over it, and the winner of the most creative kite was one with a beautiful pyramid design with a lot of Free Software and Open Source logos. I hope I can do a better work next year... Oh no! Tomorow will begin the mid-term exams at the university. I start with a Computational Theory exam. I am studying hard for it. I hope to be able to respond well tomorrow. We will see...

sábado, agosto 28, 2004

Preparing for the Free Software Kite Contest

Tomorrow will be the Free Software Kite Contest organized by the GLUC (GNU/Linux Users Group of University of Cauca). There are basically two categories: The most creative kite, using Free and Open Source Software logos, of course, and the longest or highest kite. The rules say that the kites must be built by hand, bought kites are not allowed. Today I bought the material for build my kite. It is going to be like a basic kite with diamond shape, and it will have the Python logo. I hope that i can build it before tomorrow. By other side, I have my first homework for the MonoUML Project. I must to implement the MonoUML.Widget.UML2.Class class. I am working on that just right now...

viernes, agosto 27, 2004

The Vive la Vida Linux day

Yesterday was a Vive la Vida Linux day. VLVL is an event that the GLUC (GNU/Linux Users Group of University of Cauca) do all thursdays. In this event, some members of the group bring a conference about many Free Software subjects. There are also some technical tips about GNU/Linux. Yesterday, I did the conference. The title was: "How to do in GNU/Linux what you usually do in Windows". I spoke about printing, scanning, GUI, multimedia and a lot of stuff. I think that the time was too short, but I could explain interesting things. The next week's Vive la Vida Linux will be about distributions. Specially about Slackware, because it will be spoken by some friends that are fans of this distro. I think it will be a great conference...

miércoles, agosto 25, 2004

The mono UML project

These days I have looked at This is a community of followers of The Mono Project, whom speak spanish. One of their projects called much my atention: The MonoUML Project. Time ago, I was thinking in work on a free UML CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) tool for GNU/Linux and Gnome. I tried to understand the Gaphor project, but I really wanted to do something with the Mono Platform. So, when I saw the MonoUML Project, I thought that is just what I was looking for. So I decided to join the MonoUML team and start working on this tool. Last night I downloaded the last CVS tree and today i'm reading the documentation. Well, we are going to see how is goes to me with this...

martes, agosto 24, 2004

My first post

Well, I have decided to start a web log. I will write it entirely in english, so if you see some grammatical errors or some like that, it is because my natural language is spanish. I am writing in english because I want to improve my skills in that language. Now, let me talk about me and this web log. I am a student of Systems Engineering at the University of Cauca in Colombia. I like a lot to work and play with computers. I am an enthusiastic of the Free Software Movement and the Open Source Movemet, and I am an official member of the GNU/Linux Users Group of the University of Cauca (GLUC). I love computer programming, in special, graphics and video-games programming. So this blog will be about all that stuff. And that is all for now. I hope that i can write almost every day in this web log.